Among the top browsers available on the Internet, Mozilla Firefox Browser is the best web browser you can ever download. According to W3schools, a web development site, Mozilla Firefox has been the second most downloaded web browser for the last seven years. It has always been second most popular to the Google Chrome web browser. You may think that this statistic places Google chrome above Firefox, but lets face it, Google is a much bigger company that spends way more money on marketing and advertising than Mozilla ever would or could.

Having understood the statistics behind Mozilla Firefox, let’s consider why Firefox should be your number one choice when you think about which browser to download. Here are three facts that skyrocket Firefox above everyone else:

Add-ons and customization: The number one reason why many users like myself love Firefox is because of the ability to customize it to run the way you want it to. add-on of mine is the ability to create and view PDF files within the browser itself. Other web browsers offer customization with extensions as well, but not as excessively as Firefox.

Web Development: As a website developer, I have found Firefox to be the best at allowing me to easily view the HTML and CSS of specific parts of a web page. Users can easily view the page rank, coding, and sometimes even default login information for online accounts that you would otherwise have to sign up for.

Limited bugs and crashes: Many users have agreed that Firefox has much less bugs and crashes than other web browsers. It is much more developed in its ability to satisfy a user by providing a solution through an alternative download or update. There is no setting that can’t be changed to suit your needs while browsing the Internet with Firefox.
Now it may be personal preference that causes you to choose one browser over the other. Maybe it is the ease of use, simplicity, or the speed of your web browser that has made you satisfied with your choice; whether it is Google Chrome, Safari, Internet explorer, or Opera. Perhaps you simply think one browser looks better visually than the others. Whatever it may be, remember that every top browser is very similar in almost all areas except customization. Customization alone, being the first point that I made, places Firefox above all other web browsers.